Harness the power of mathematics!

Tired of trading in the darkness? Tired of the inconsistency and irrationality of the market? Tired of following expert advice that leads to nowhere? It is time for you to base your trading decisions on mathematics! Our powerfull mathematical analysis will allow you to estimate the chances of success for your trades and will give you the light that you need to become a successfull trader.

Chifbaw Indicator

We are releasing one of our favorite in-house indicators for sale. The Chifbaw Oscillator is a simple to use yet powerfull oscillator that catches very early trend changes. With smart money management and sharp exit strategies, it can be a revenue generator. It can also be used as a solid building block within a trading setup/strategy.

Business Model

Chifbaw sells via internet financial analytical reports as well as trade recommendations to any retail or institutional investor, located in Russia or abroad.

About The Company

Chifbaw LLC was created in february 2012 and is incorporated under the laws of the Russian Federation. Our purpose is to inform you about great investment opportunities so that you can increase your wealth. Our focus is on the foreign exchange, high technology stocks, and precious metals. Our advantage is built upon our unique in-house indicators and mathematical models.